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Past Trustees

Herbert Herlihy

TRUSTEE 1967-1985

Frederic Walpole Hoar

TRUSTEE 1967-2002

Howard G. Hall

TRUSTEE 1967-1982

CAPT. Troy E Stone, USN Retired

TRUSTEE 1967-2011

Patricia Stone

TRUSTEE 1967-2017

Elisabeth M. Herlihy

TRUSTEE 1969-1988

Virginia Wadleigh Markel

TRUSTEE 1970-1993

Esta J. Hall

TRUSTEE 1976-1987

Katherine Stoll Burns

TRUSTEE 1981-1998

Charles F. "Chuck" Gorder, Sr.

TRUSTEE 1995-2017

Michael J. Herlihy

TRUSTEE 1987-2012

Genevieve W. Chesebro

TRUSTEE 1994-2009

Fred W. Oar

TRUSTEE 1993-2007

Janet Kernan

TRUSTEE 2008-2018